Somewhat of a developer. I’ve also made a few mods. I also do video editing and compose music. I mostly do game design though, even though I think current programming tools are too terrible and badly designed to use. This site’s here so I can write something occasionally, though I’m not really a writer, so apologies for any issues that might cause.

What you will see here is analysis similar to what I’ve done on forums in the past about various games and game design, and maybe other things that are NOT political. What you won’t see here is oh-so-common quote reposts, or short 300 word farticles.

Apparently, this site forces ads, so please use an adblocker when viewing the site. I do not make money off any advertisements on the site. Useless social media: YouTube (still having issues), Twitter, Voat, Wordp- hey wait a minute!

There are also some really cheap “qualifications” I have, but they may be of zero interest. I have had to do D+ rate art for videos at times, and I’ve also tested a bunch of games-related stuff like Induction and a TTP mod called Rebirth, and gave my feedback a bunch. And, outside of creative stuff I play puzzle games and FPS mostly. I’m just waiting for a good multiplayer game that combines them.